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-27th May 2004, 09:02
Is it just me, or is the forum a bit slow to respond sometimes? Like when you click 'Submit reply', I find it can just hang there for ages.

-27th May 2004, 09:13
could be something to do with your ridiculous avatar :tongue:

-27th May 2004, 09:16
Still only 22k... on ADSL (which I have) should take about 1 millimicromicropiconanofemtoattosecond. Besides which, it's when I'm posting replies it just takes forever to respond and say that I have posted (or that I have to wait...) which wouldn't be affected.

-27th May 2004, 09:20
Some times yes some times no i tend to hit refresh if its on the thank you for posting page. Mind you have done ALOT of double posting at late.

-27th May 2004, 09:22
It usually seems to take about 20-30 seconds for me to get that far... then it all seems fine.
Well actually it's usually OK, but when it is playing up that is what usually happens.

-31st May 2004, 09:49
OK, I have something else to add to my post of moaning...
for some reason, I am not getting email notifications any more (at least occasionally I do, but most of the time I'm not)!

-31st May 2004, 12:56
Yeah i get the same problem.

-24th June 2004, 12:47
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