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-28th May 2004, 18:01
Here is a quote from the Golubitsky Q&A that goes on on www.fencing101.com (upon being asked to describe the fencing of Gregory, Galubitsky comments):

Very often his parry-riposte was so incredibly fast, that his blade (which was very flexible) didn't have time to straighten itself, and therefore arrived flat

How does the Flickmaster redresses this issue?
Is there any of the Paul team that uses the Flickmaster at A grades as a the blade of choice?

-29th May 2004, 00:48
In some cases a blade can be too flexible, as described above. The flickmaster does however come with a flexibilty rating and they are not all overly flexible.

I think the GB pro is the preferred choice of LP blade at the top level.

-29th May 2004, 00:51
Sorry, I'm not a Paul official so you can ignore me if you want to.

-29th May 2004, 14:27
Not at all, I appreciate it, it should go nicely with an official reply


-29th May 2004, 15:37
Originally posted by sparkymark567
I think the GB pro is the preferred choice of LP blade at the top level.

I think ur right.

Barry Paul
-1st June 2004, 10:05
Hi, G-Pro are the preferred blades of the Leon Paul sponsored fencers. But this is because they suite their own fencing style.

'How does the Flickmaster redresses this issue?'

There is no issue to address if you find a flickmaster of a given flexibility (which you subsequently can go back to when you order another one) is the blades which works for you that O.K.

If the style of fencing means you cannot control were the point is you are probably using the wrong blade. Barry Paul