View Full Version : Maraging Blades Revisited

-1st June 2004, 07:25
Having discovered a cache of golden drachmae hidden in a long-forgotten amphora, the question is: do I go for a foil with a Paul maraging blade, a BF or a Golubitsky-Pro? I'm slightly concerned that the shift in balance to the forte might result in a slightly weaker (= more prone to snap) faible on the G-P.

Oh and if you're reading this, Barry, is it possible to have an extra foot or so on the length to assist against giant, evil left-handers?

-1st June 2004, 08:16

They are sooo tough... you hit people really hard, and they come back straight! The stronger forte won't make the foible any weaker (AFAIK...). And Barry would probably say that an LP sword will last longer than any other, like a BF sword, and he might very well be right...

-1st June 2004, 09:01
Yeah a stronger forte does not mean weaker foible. Should just give it a nice centre of mass

-1st June 2004, 12:07
GB pro or BF both recommended. :moon:

-1st June 2004, 14:48
I've had about 6 LP maraging so far, not had a reason to change though the Golubitsky is tempting........

-1st June 2004, 17:34
Not the BF!

It's like fencing with a particularly inflexible steel girder!

-1st June 2004, 18:57
errr, you mean it's like the most controllable and well balanced blade ever made, to which only the GB Pro can compete.

The BF also just happens to flick very very very very well, so it's hardly a steel girder. How many have you used? They are really rubbish honestly, that's why so many top fencers use them and also why LP sell them. Some people (me for 1), will refuse to buy any other blade, hence LP sell them even though they make their own.

I've used many differnet blades LP, PBT, Vitae etc, etc. and I've become very attached to BF. I'm not sure how many I have bought and used but it must definately be over a dosen by now (under estimate). I really like them and I'm not changing, but if I was forced to change then the GB Pro would be the first on my list.

-1st June 2004, 19:17
How long does a BF last before breaking compared to an LP sword? Is an LP sword unfairly biased against because they last so long that they go all funny eventually, but BF swords just snap long before they get odd kinks and things? Or the other way round? Or are LP swords just not as well balanced from the moment you pick it up? Or vice versa?

-1st June 2004, 19:30
I'm not really sure Hopefully SRB can tell us, as he used both the BF and a GB Pro fairly recently. He also breaks them quite often, so he's probably the best qualified.

-1st June 2004, 20:45
Blades are personal preference, as we see above, what works for some one else may not work for you and vice verser

-3rd June 2004, 15:08
Is it a huge pot of drachmae or just a medium sized one ?

The LP blade you missed out is the Budget maraging. lots cheaper than the golubitsky or the flickmaster and a bit of a saving against the others. or viewed the other way only twice the cost of a paul france!

Its cheaper because it uses a metal collar to form the shoulder where the blade meets the tang. Maraging steel is extremely hard to work with and the collar simplifies manufacture of this blade and with it goes a lot of the cost.
Many eons back i think LP made different weight collars to allow you to adjust the balance - but i dont think i ever saw any !

for us mere mortals that are never going to compete at a FIE event a maraging blade can still be worth buying- they take a lot of abuse before they break and they dont rust. the three i've had have had all have kept a nice bend in use.

still its all down to personal preference!

-8th June 2004, 23:16
The pot turned out smaller than I hoped but I spent a bundle anyway!!

I spent hours at LP p*ssing them off by getting them to put together combinations of grips/blades etc and finally (surprise, surprise) plumped for a GB Pro. I got a resin pistol grip since I have arthritis in the old hand and can't grab a grip which is too narrow like the metal ones.

Funnily enough, the vast majority of fencers I've come across so far have never heard of Comrade Golubitsky so street cred value is nil!

I did find that I sort of preferred the action of the normal France blade but I reckon that the additional outlay should be more than offset by the hoped-for durability.

Now if only I can work out which bit of the grip goes where.....