View Full Version : Avatar Mistake?

-1st June 2004, 15:30
Not wishing to be funny but....... Unless I'm very much mistaken then the avatar marked as the England flag is not, its actualy the Ulster flag (Same st georges cross but with the adition of a star and a red hand in the center).
Its been buging me for a while why people have it as thier avatar without any mention of the provence in thier profiles.
How wrong am I?:)

-1st June 2004, 15:41
You're spot on.

-1st June 2004, 15:45
Yeah, born in Antrim me.
Around july you see a lot of them! so you get quite used to it.
Strange how many people cant reconise thier own flag.:rolleyes:

-1st June 2004, 15:46
I had spotted it ages ago, but coldn't think of a polite way of pointing it out.

-1st June 2004, 15:54
Hhhhhhmmmmm, yes wellllll...... I'm not knowen for my tact.:o:
Where did they come from in the first place?
are the yanks to blame?:grin:

-1st June 2004, 16:02
Ok i didn't spot this one (thats a first)

-2nd June 2004, 07:50
I am not sure what you are on about but I will get KK to fix it!

-2nd June 2004, 13:36
The flagf which is said as england isn't.