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-13th May 2003, 16:54
Well, since Allstar/Uhlmann have decided to make a quantum leap in prices recently, and since with the exception of mask
I can't say I'm a happy little fencer with what I have of tem, I'm asking for your honest opinion regarding LP gear, with reference
to the following items:

FIE foil masks (Are they the better/same/not as good as the top German?)

FIE suit/breeches


Golubitsky pro blade.

Bydande, thanks for the specification you gave me, but I've noticed you said you haven't LP's.


-13th May 2003, 17:11
Just got the Sydney 2000 last year and have had no problems with it. The Transpoor lining they use is great helps keep you dryer and i find the fit fine due to the 2 way strech. Most gloves i find just comes down to what you feel most comfterble in (try not to by over the net, go and try them on)
Havn't been able to compair to any of the other suppliers really but have not really heard anything bad or negative about any of them.

-13th May 2003, 18:28
I've never had any cause to complain about LP stuff, one of the best advantages of them is that they are UK based, so you can pop down to the store and try things on to see how they feel etc.

-13th May 2003, 18:54
Another good thing about LP (Other suppliers might do it but i'm not sure) is they will make your kit to fit. My mate had his made with a couple of extra inches in the sleve but not as big around the shoulders and chest.

-13th May 2003, 22:08
Yeah, I just ordered a pair of breeches and jacket today, tho I'm gonna have to ring up and change the size of the breeches cos I had a rethink :rolleyes:

-14th May 2003, 05:28
I like some of LP's kit. I use their V blades for Epee. I also like their Epee bodywires as they seem to be quite robust.

I bought an FIE mask from them a few months back (one with the contour fit system) and I've been impressed. It's lighter [no metal bar]. I foound the plastic cup pooled sweat at the back of my head which irritated my scalp but I found a simple solution to that - take it out. The rules on stipulate having an elastic strap to hold it on and that's all I've now got. So, in addition to the lightness, I like the customisable nature of the mask. Nice one LP!

-14th May 2003, 07:53
Yeah, I just ordered a pair of breeches and jacket today, tho I'm gonna have to ring up and change the size of the breeches cos I had a rethink

I'd love to have kit to fit one day. When I ordered my breeches (from Blades) I had no idea of how the sizings worked, so I took a wild stab in the dark and got a 24 (I was guessing it was waist size, and they didn't go down to 22... that I could see... not on alse anyway :) ). Was it the waist diameter in inches? Or some random special fencing breeches size code?

-14th May 2003, 13:52
Have no idea, maybe its some kind of secret code :)

-14th May 2003, 15:55
You lot - the main reason I've posted this thread is to try and test the veracity of the notion that German is better - and I'm thinking - none like the Britons to assist me in that. Please refer specifically to experience you've had with prior German products that you've replaced with LP's.



-14th May 2003, 20:21
I stopped using Allstar Epee blades because, frankly, the last ones I used were rubbish. It was like fencing with spaghetti. The LP V's are nice and springy.

-14th May 2003, 23:16
I can lunge six inches (sorry, 15 cm) further in my nice stretchy LP breeches than in my previous nasty Allstar ones (which are now in the school cupboard). Not that it helps me score any more hits, but they're MUCH more comfy. They don't make me look any better though - that's a lost cause.:silly:

-15th May 2003, 03:05
LP sabre blades are much nicer than the floppy Allstar ones :grin:

-15th May 2003, 08:26
Whaaaat? I think all LP is fine EXCEPT their sabres and sabre blades. Absolutely terrible balance and feel. In fact having gone thru the whole lot (allstar, Uhlmann, LP, Negrini, PBT) with all different combinations of blades/guards, I think PBT is the best by a mile. The blades don't last as long but the balance is ace.

The basic clothing is pretty much the same across the major manufacturers, but the xpensive stretchy kit is better from LP (I think). The Duellist kit I've had has always shrunk in the wash (yes I did follow the instructions). Not a problem if u don't wash tho.

-15th May 2003, 08:47
I bought my first foil from LP. It was only a cheap one but it developed a horrible double kink after the first couple of uses. I haven't chucked it out yet, but I've not taken it out my bag since I bought some (equally cheap) foils that are stamped Uhlmann and Cartel. These feel much nicer and I've had no problems with them after a year or more of use.


and don't even get me started on the service I got in LP...

-15th May 2003, 08:49
bought a very cheep LP blade at a comp 2 years ago, still going strong,

-15th May 2003, 09:46
LP blades have much better points and reliable wiring - don't get me started on some of the Allstar rubbish that some of my pupils have been flogged at competitions. When you buy LP stuff you know it is going to WORK, including passing weight & gauge tests.
The only thing you have to watch out for is that some of the non-maraging foil blades have a groove slightly off centre, and they then tend to develop a sideways bend.

-15th May 2003, 09:56
Actually I've nearly shredded the last 2 tips from LP [Epee]. I don't know if they've started to superglue the screws in, but they're really difficult to get back out. I currently have one tip that I''need to drill through so that I can at least reuse the barrel.

-15th May 2003, 10:28
Are the maraging blades really ok? I was really put off by the swan neck in non-maraging foil. I'll be buying both an epee and a foil soon so I'd like to know if I can really trust LP to give me a decent weapon.

-15th May 2003, 11:14
I personally like LP clothing, I'm only using the budget (atlanta) FIE range but I'm rather happy with it, it's giving me no gripe.

As far as Lame's are concerned, I've been using a PBT Inox lame from Paul Romang, which although has given me good service is now in need of replacement and I've partially had my eye on an ulta-lightweight LP.

As far as sabre is concerned, the new mask system is great, however the blades are pants. Before I came to Durham, I tried all of the LP sabre blades, without feeling happy with any of them. I them came up to Durham and was converted to PBT blades, principally, the LM "Blue" blades. I have not looked at anything else since.

I am in love

Kian Ryan
Horribly in love with PBT LM Blades.

-15th May 2003, 15:58
Tigger, I agree that the balance and feel of the blades is hideous on the LP ones, however I dont much like floppy ones.