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-13th May 2003, 20:59
Is there anybody planning on going to the olympics next year (yes i now it's over 12 months away) Been looking at prices and the cost is monting up quickly.

-17th July 2003, 23:11
I know this is re-incarnating an old thread but I have been planning to go and I have had my ticket application accepted, YAY!! :grin:

Is anyone else planning to go or definitely going from the forum??

-24th July 2003, 06:33
How much does it cost to attend fencing finals?

-24th July 2003, 07:19
I think there are two prices for the different sessions 20euros for the non-finals and 35 euros for sessions which have finals within them.

The website regarding tickets is http://www.tickets.athens2004.com/en/

-25th July 2003, 15:05
i got my ticket application accepted. i'll be there. also got some spares if people are interested?

-25th July 2003, 20:04
Thats v. cool whizzkid, will you be going to all the sessions???

-28th July 2003, 10:33
i can wish. just got tickets for the men's sabre final's and men's sabre team prelim. then athletics (100m sprint final and final day) and basketball semi's. wanted to get a mix of sports and try to see some of the most talked aobut events!

-28th July 2003, 18:10
That's cool, I am going to see what tickets there are for some of the other sports when they go on pre-sale.

I somehow think it will be nigh on impossible to get tickets for either the opening or closing ceremonies

-29th July 2003, 11:15
they are also quite pricey from what i've seen.

bout 100 for the opening, and they were the cheap ones!

-23rd September 2003, 13:24
Ho do you think will win the olympics fencing session this year? I think Hungary, ive heard they have colected a pretty strong team for the athens, but i havent heard or read something aboutthe russians yet.

danishfencer :transport :grin: :o :fencingsm

-21st October 2003, 14:32
When exactly are the fencing olympics?

-21st October 2003, 14:43
Ummm... there is no "fencing Olympics". Fencing is *an* event at the Olympics, in Athens, in Autumn 2004.

If you mean "when will the fencing events be held", I'm sure there's a schedule somewhere on the Olympic website by now.