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-10th June 2004, 14:07

Oops! It's Algeria, NOT Germany!
Contributed by Craig Harkins
Wednesday, 09 June 2004

The Algerian men's saber team will compete in the Athens Olympics after fencing's international governing body realized it had mistakenly offered a vacant spot to Germany.

A spokesman for the FIE, fencing's ruling organization, said Wednesday that Germany originally was offered the chance to compete after Egypt withdrew its team last week, as Germany was the next highest-ranked country.

"Then there was a mistake within our systems," said Jochen Faerber. "We looked at the world ranking but did not see another African team."

According to FIE rules, vacant qualifying spots should go to a team from the same continent as the country that pulls out. Algeria does not have a current ranking and so was not considered, but FIE later realized the cutoff date for Olympic qualifying was March 31, when Algeria did appear in the rankings.

"We finally got the confirmation from Algeria," Faerber said. "Then we had to inform Germany."

The German team is now consulting lawyers to check whether it can appeal the decision.

"It's a bit of a sensitive subject and shouldn't happen," Faerber added. "It's disappointing and we apologize very much."

So, why was the FIE unable to follow the qualification and selection process that it had written? I'm sure there are some German fencers who want to know.

-10th June 2004, 14:32
My god, that's really bad!

Hang on...?!?!?!...... I mean that's r-e-a-l-l-y bad - I can't decide who I feel less sorry for, the Germans or the FIE :tongue:

Surely the Germans would have had a towel on that particular lounger?:rolleyes:

Seriously , shows that even the FIE are naturally inclined to overlook the less talented nations in favour of the old continent despite Rene's agenda.

-10th June 2004, 14:42
In fairness, nobody might have noticed if the FIE hadn't...

-10th June 2004, 15:24
Except the Algerians ......

-10th June 2004, 15:32
on a scale of 1-10 this ranks as a 15 and must constitute a MAJOR embarassment to the FIE with the IOC looking on in interest. I suspect this one will run and run as I doubt the Germans will give up their 'invitation' without repercussions for someone.

-10th June 2004, 19:57
its understandable tho...

because looking at the rankings now, algeria is not on there.... but at the cut-off date (March 31st), they did have a small amount of points thus making them eligible for qualfication.

The FIE just used the current rankings, rather than the March 31st ones.

-10th June 2004, 22:09
Originally posted by Rdb811
Except the Algerians ......

From the wording they may have been as suprised as everyone else.

-18th June 2004, 09:43
So that blows out my theory of corruption at the highest level of the FIE and German fencing then...very disappointing:(

-18th June 2004, 10:24
So let me get this straight, the Algerians, who as a fencing nation are even less renowned than Turkey, are sending an entire team (not just one lucky fencer) to the Oympics, despite currently having no ranked fencers and no Fie team points, and their entire claim to qualification being that they turned up to a team event at some point in the past year (you get points for attending!) and from being from Africa.

Well marvellous, i'm glad to see that Olympic qualification (something which most fencers would happily donate a non essential organ to achieve) is a fair and level playing field! :mad:

The only thing keeping me from being truely hacked off is that it only really effects everybodies favourite nation :moon:

now where is that website algerianbrides.com.........

-18th June 2004, 18:11
Ah the joys of having to prove that fencing is a 'global' sport. The reason its like that is because fencing actually has the most competitors out of all the Olympic sports (apparently) so entry is limited and qualifying (is too difficult to explain and I probably dont know anyway) is the way it is....

Hopefully they will change it so that 'little' people (like me maybe :confused: :) ) get a slim chance of competing one day....

About the non-vital organ thingy.....I would be very tempted although I am not sure I would actually do it :rolleyes:

-7th July 2004, 18:23
Does anyone know why egypt pulled out in the first place? Was it a political thing or what, seems strange to me.