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-14th May 2003, 18:38
This post follows on from my other posts
At what point would you suggest starting to get your own kit
I have not been fencing long
(say two months at a stretch)
but im having great fun
and im beating people in fights who have been going for a good while longer than me
and who have entered comps
I can’t see myself stopping fencing anytime soon…not for ages…possibly never
(I think im a bit addicted, oops!)

i feel i should apologise for all the closely related threads ive posted, but thanks, cos' its really helping me decide what to. this is the greatest thing about forums - i dont have to make so many mistakes cos i can ask the folk who've already made them


-14th May 2003, 18:45
I've been fencing about two months too and I've just been and bought my first bits of kit - foil / glove - because I know I'm not going to stop fencing unless I suddenly have to have my legs amputated or something. Besides which, if I've already bought the gear, even if I were to contemplate giving up, I would think "don't be stupid, that would be a waste of all that gear / money", and then I'd have to carry on until I'd got over it.

Am planning to buy jacket and other stuff eventually but am waiting until a) I feel richer and b) in the probably vain hope I lose some weight in the next few months, and then I can get the right size...

-14th May 2003, 19:08
I bought my first lot of kit when my coach stoped me breaking/using the club kit, said i'd show my own kit more respect. He was right.
Start now with a glove and build your kit up as and when you can afford it, use club kit in the meantime.

-15th May 2003, 03:01
It took me a good year or so to start getting my own kit, incidentally the first piece of kit I bought was a lame, but this was only due to the fact that the club didnt have one in my size.

If you feel you are going to keep fencing then you may as well start to get your own kit as soon as you can afford it.

-15th May 2003, 09:02
I think my choice of which piece of kit to buy first would be based on which piece of club kit was most disgusting! Perhaps getting an FIE plastron might be the most sensible, if not glamorous, choice.

Your own weapon would be handy too, so you don't have to use a different one each time.