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-17th June 2004, 11:52
Ne body go there results yet????

Howd every body do??

Every one still able to fence next season!

-24th June 2004, 11:16
Out of the 120 credits I took this year, I've only passed 70 of them so I'm doing 30 as re-sits in august/september and if I pass 20 or more of those then I'll do the other 20credits of repeats next year. If not then out onto the job circuit for me and possibly an OU course or something. Oh well, that's what I get for choosign an interesting subject to study, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science btw.

-25th June 2004, 14:49
Got all results from this year (somewhere in the region of 10 so far) and passed them all. Rest of the results come out end of July. Fencing next year is dependent on work not getting in the way!

-14th July 2004, 14:48
I got a first! :party:

Which means I get to stay in London :grin:

-14th July 2004, 14:53
Passed my first year. All my modules above 80% (I think most of them above 90%) except for the two 'Investigative Physics' aka stupid cr*ppy lab work modules, in which I got 71% and 58%.
Shame it has no effect whatsoever on my final degree mark really!

And well done to all who didn't fail (e.g. Juicy!)!!

-14th July 2004, 14:53
Congrats Juicy


-14th July 2004, 16:02
Why thank you :)

Well done to everyone who made it through their exams as well!:jumprain:

-16th July 2004, 11:00
Congrats Juicy :grin:

Captain Max
-21st July 2004, 11:15
I've just had my LPC results, which were all passes :grin:

-21st July 2004, 16:21
Still waiting for mine (LPC results), my course is so damn slow about everything (due in post on 28th so if I'm really lucky should get them on the 30th or so!)

-22nd July 2004, 11:18
Originally posted by Captain Max
I've just had my LPC results, which were all passes :grin:

Well done :)
All set for your job in Cornwall then?

Captain Max
-22nd July 2004, 12:04
Thanks Lucy, well done to you too. Yeah, it looks like I'll be working in Cornwall now :cool:

I have to say tho it's pretty boring here (Except for Truro fencing club of course :)), I'm gonna miss being a student too, but I definitely will not miss the LPC!

So you're doing the masters then?

-22nd July 2004, 13:28
Cornwall is *so* not boring (tho I've never lived there, so I may be wrong...)

Yup, doing the MSc, but still can't decide on LSE or UCL. Think it may come to drawing straws....

Captain Max
-22nd July 2004, 13:48
Well, all things being relative I'd rather be in Cardiff.

Maybe I'm just missing student life + its done nothing but rain since I've been back. Hopefully it'll improve by duel on the beach!

-22nd July 2004, 13:51
I live in Cornwall and I would say it is boring! Can't wait to be back in Aber in September.