View Full Version : European Vets Team Championships

-11th May 2018, 17:36
Many congratulations to the GB Vets who have won Gold and Silver in team events so far.

Keep the medals coming.


-14th May 2018, 09:33
Results are:

Men's Grand Veterans Foil - Silver
Women's Grand Veterans Sabre - Gold
Men's Grand Veterans Sabre - Bronze
Men's Grand Veterans Epee - Bronze
Women's Grand Veterans Foil - Silver

-14th May 2018, 10:06
Results here for posterity

We had a great time, Alkmaar is a great place. Everyone speaks english, everyone is friendly, everything is clean, organised, good facilities etc.
Fencing was pretty hard going against some unexpectedly strong teams, particularly Russia and Netherlands.

It's clear they referee sabre quite differently to us as well, separating nearly everything on the slightest hand preparation in the middle. Stuff we would have called together, or said "not enough" to, they separate every time.
That was pretty frustrating, but something to learn from. Really enjoyed the cameraderie of the team though, happy to go back and do that again.