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-6th July 2004, 15:28
For all those who are going to Duel on the Beach this year, we are just sorting out the details with a local campsite where the Swindon Club will be staying. I will post the contact details as soon as I have them so all are welcome to come and join us.
You will have to book it yourself, obviously :) :)

There should be between 15-20 of us and we will start turning up on the Thursday night.

Will keep you posted :)

-8th July 2004, 10:38
You're all welcome to pop into Truro Club on thursday night. 7pm at Truro School's new gym (see www.trurofencing.co.uk for directions), pub afterwards and my place if you're cute (preferably female, but not necessarily)...:grin:

-8th July 2004, 10:53
Cheers for the invite Tigger, hopefully 4 or 5 of us will make it down to Truro on the Thursday, as for the offer to your place, that's the best ( only ) offer I've had all week :)

That reminds me, I will be sending you a team list and entrance fees in the next week or two.

-8th July 2004, 12:14
Originally posted by tigger
[B 7pm at Truro School's new gym [/B]

Is this the same venue as last year?

-9th July 2004, 07:33
sure is

-16th July 2004, 13:59
Right everybody that's interested.

Swindon Fencing club has booked a field at Tollgate campsite.
There is room for other people to join us, but book up soon.
The cost is 4 per tent and 4 per body in said tent each night.
On your own works out 8 per night. Two up works out at 12 per night.


This is the link to their website. We spoke to a guy called Kevin.
Make sure you say you're with the fencing group is you want to end up in the same field as us. If you don't, keep quiet.

There will be 19 of us by the friday-saturday.

-23rd July 2004, 17:36
WOW thats just too weird, My parents have booked a campsite at random and it just happens to be Tollgate. Freaky!

There are lots of fields there so which one are u all staying in. I'm in the Peran field, from friday till Monday.
I will be down there trying to get the Aldershot contingent invited for next year! *hint hint!
Will keep my eyes peeled for all you lot, i'm the one in the aldershot sweatshirt (maybe).
Is there anything that all the fencers do over the weekend, apart from fencing, like an on mass surf etc? sadly not old enough to hit the pubs yet but fencing, camping, surfing/ body boarding and maybe the odd fine surfer bloke doesn't sound too bad for a weekend! lol
Hopefully c u there :)

-23rd July 2004, 19:11
woohoo! beer! tents! swords!! ayayayayayy!!!
see ya there!!:grin:

-24th July 2004, 09:41
we normally get together for a big meal saturday night, and then hit the beach on Sunday. Volleyball/surfing/beach cricket/eating/drinking - wotever lights your candle. Lots of surfer chix and blokes.

I'm doing a gig at the Watering Hole on the beach on Monday afternoon, so you can all come down and chuck stuff at me...or just chuck...