View Full Version : Reduce the minimum time between posts?

-11th July 2004, 15:15
The current time is 30 seconds. This may seem like a short time, but if you are quickly answering about 15 posts at once, it is really annoying. It's not like we are actually spamming up the forum (except maybe me and UK_45!) by posting every thirty seconds, 24 hours a day, so why not make it five seconds, or ten seconds?

-11th July 2004, 15:40
Acctually i hardly remeber that page i tend to read threads fully and stick to the ones i can give some on-topic comment to (now-a-says anyway)

-11th July 2004, 16:42
I reckon if you are posting quicker than 30 seconds then you haven't had time to consider what you are saying.

Personally I would struggle to compose and type a message in under 30 seconds anyway. 30 seconds isn't long when alls said and done - only about half a minute or so . . .

-11th July 2004, 16:46
OK, TBH usually it's where I write a response then forget to send it, then send one, then go to send the other one, then have to leave it, then write another response and post that, then remember I haven't posted the one I couldn't post earlier e.t.c...

-11th July 2004, 18:42
To be honest, the limit is fine - I very rarely get caught out by it and it does cut down on accidental double posts while discouraging short replies / chat.

-11th July 2004, 20:31
The limit is fine and is in place for a reason. Some boards don't even allow you to post without moderator approval.

GBM can I suggest that you pay more attention? ;)