View Full Version : Finsbury Square Fencing Display Thursday 22nd July

Nick Payne
-14th July 2004, 22:36
Salle Paul Fencing Club supported by Leon Paul is putting on an open air fencing display at Finsbury Sq open space from 12-2pm on Thursday 22nd July. Richard Kruse, Laurence Halsted, Camille Datoo, Eloise Smith and Dominique Stowell will be fencing, while surrounding companies who have supported the event will have some employees taking beginners lessons.

Please come and support! Bloomberg have independently set up deckchairs and DJs to provide the tunes.

As long as the weather holds it should be fun.

Nearest tube Liverpool St or Moorgate. Map to follow.

-15th July 2004, 13:38
You can keep taps on the weather here:
BBC weather (http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/)

-15th July 2004, 13:39
Originally posted by Kingkenny
You can keep taps on the weather here:
BBC weather (http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/)

Or just use it as an excuse to stare out of the window at work, when you are not on the forun :rolleyes:

-23rd July 2004, 11:23
Here are pictures I took.


It went very well lots of people watched maybe 300 plus people and maybe 500 had a breif look. It was good to see fencing outside and as the sun was out it made for a great lunch times entertainment.

Congratulations to Nick and all the fencers who gave up there time to increase the popularity of the sport and raise some funds for fencing projects.

-28th July 2004, 07:15
Excellent! But, just as a matter of interest, were the "employees taking beginners lessons" being shown the finer points of rolling the back foot, keeping hands in the way of blades, exposing legs, maintaining awkward postures and even apparently crotch-scratching as a means of distracting opponents? :)

-28th July 2004, 09:46
I showed them a couple of moves but nothing to techinical like a nice lunge :grin: