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Barry Paul
-9th April 2003, 21:59
Can somebody explain why some fencers want to do weight training at the same time that they are fencing in competitions. Why would anybody want to use a tradition epee blade when using a reaction blade from Leon Paul which is 40% lighter, means faster movement and less effort?

-10th April 2003, 11:25
i use a heavier weapon when i train simply because if i practice moves with this in the club and in lessons then i will be able to be more explosive in a competition when i use my super lightweight leon paul epee. also in the early rounds of some competitions if i feel confident enough that it wont effect me then i will use a heavier weapon so that when i get to the direct elimination rounds i will be able to be more explosive and accurate with the lighter epee that i use. i hope this will help you.:knight: :strong:

-11th April 2003, 15:26
He also has an action man complex he wants to bigger and stronger so he can arm wrestle arnie:strong:

-11th April 2003, 19:37
better action man than barbie. or toilets:grin: :rambo:

-14th April 2003, 21:44
I honestly dont know what you are talking about:confused:

-17th April 2003, 10:36

I haven't tried your super-duper new blades but when you say they're 40% lighter than traditional blades do you mean 40% lighter than recent LP epee blades which have been funny looking things that felt fairly horrible to fence with?:eek: :moon:



-17th April 2003, 10:45
I think their the ones he is talking about. I dont fence epee but they are supposed to last along time. I went to France 3 weeks ago and went to a club to see a French friend his club had been using the same blades for almost 3 years and were quite happy to say the least. I think the blades are like Marmite, you love them or you hate them.

On another note do you think we should keep the face that goes to a bum or is it to much?

3 Card Trick
-18th April 2003, 08:41
I don't like Marmite, but I do like the lightweight LP Epee blades.

I think that there is a lot of merit in the idea of using aheavier blade in training so as to get extra benefit from the lighter blade in competition.


Oh! I quite like the smilie/bum.

lindsay watkiss
-20th April 2003, 22:29
regardless of the weapon and its weight, all fencers should not over train on the weights as muscle development can remove that fast reflex speed required when most needed. The muscles will also tire quicker and maybe cramp up. So tone up, don't muscle up:strong:

3 Card Trick
-21st April 2003, 09:48
Good call Lindsay. I've always been concerned about "bulking" exercise training.

However, what is your view on the potential benefit to speed of hand and arm, that might be achieved by using a heavier weapon while training and a lighter one while competing?:)

Barry Paul
-21st April 2003, 11:06
Do other sports used heavier bats rackets in training. Graham Paul used to do footwork training with lead weights. Three card trick has been training with weights for years, everyone better watch out if he goes on a crash diet he will be unstoppable!!!!!! Fast or what?????

-21st April 2003, 12:41
Three card trick is training hard - he's just had his lunch and wants more pudding. :tongue:

lindsay watkiss
-21st April 2003, 19:16
to answer 3 card trick question: I have always thought it better to receive lessons with the same weapon that you would use competitively.:pirate:

-22nd April 2003, 07:11
I agree with Lindsay on this. I've always thought it was better to train with your competition weapon than with any others.

When weight training it's important to get the movements correct and to also that you use a program that is beneficial to the sport that you do. Bulking certainly wouldn't be beneficial in Fencing however doing a lot of work with small weights to increase endurance probably would.

On the subject of attaching weights to your arms and legs while training. Be careful. Don't tie toheavy a weight initially and also do not put extra load on any joint that you have either had a recent injury on or know to be 'weak'.

-30th April 2003, 22:55
I might be wrong here but as all 3 weapons are relatively light I always felt that it was the balance of the blade which was the most important, and that can be significantly affected by the set that you put on the blade.

I don't personally like the Leon Paul V blades as I don't like the way they are balanced or the feeling the balade gives you when using it but as was said earlier its a matter of preference. I currently use the Dueelist vx blades which suit me more and seem to last significantly longer than the fie bf blue blades i did use.

-2nd May 2003, 05:27
Do you 'set' your blades? The balance of the weapon can be altered by adjusting the bend in the tang.

-8th May 2003, 07:56
The set on the blade makes far more difference to it's feel than the "balance". Ballance really is a missused term.

If you take a sample of ten different blades which different fencers will say have different "balance" and actually measure where their centre of gravity is it will not fluctate by more than about 10 mm.
I personally don't see how these tiny discrepancys can make a significant difference to your ability to use the weapon.

-8th May 2003, 08:37
Ok so I really mean feel rather than balance...

-8th May 2003, 14:05

I wasn't specifically refering to you... I mean more that the fencing community in general goes on about the "ballance" of a weapon actually meaning the point of balance.
If you want a balanced weapon fence with a traditional french grip with a big hefty pommel on the end.
I completely agree with you that if you want to change the feel of a weapon the set has much more to do with it than the distribution of weight.

-25th May 2003, 23:46
Hi Gav and Wing. I just came back from class. It was pretty good. I've been reading your thread and also thinking about the weapon and balance. For example I brought two epees to class today by different manufacturers, and when I picked up one to start fencing it felt off, then I used my other weapon, and it felt very light, but I'm looking for something in-between. I was able to fence well with it, I think the lighter weapon felt shorter and the heavier weapon felt longer and more awkward. The balance thing really does make a difference in epee, I was getting him under the forearm and lunging into a narrow target you don't want to be off because your weapons not set right. I was able to nail the hand a couple of times again, using the lighter 'softer' weapon. The last time I got his arm was lunging, and I didn't have to think think think about it, so I think the weapon says a lot. I should try a better blade, later on. Will try a leon paul, what the heck and see what happens. [the guys over in fencing101.com really suck, they wrote horrible things to me in my mesodorph thread - ugh!, I'm staying away from them!]