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-27th July 2004, 22:45
Can someone please advise where I can get an electronic version of the entry form for hawking round the club?

Foilling Around
-29th July 2004, 23:16
As far as I know there is not an on-line version

See the Sword, last issue, for a small one or contact John Kennedy for the full version.

Address on the LPJS section of this website. Closing date 06 September not 01 September as advertised elsewhere.

JK gave me a copy at our Sherwood Cadets training camp last week so I have one in front of me now.

-30th July 2004, 15:32

-30th July 2004, 17:46
Cheers KK

-30th July 2004, 21:39
i'm supposedly the official referee for that... i must give john a call