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-16th May 2003, 18:46
what are the disadvantages of buying a cheap/buget
weapon instead of a more expensive one
thinking epee
and electric
this is both within one company
(say buying a leon paul basic electric epee
compared to one with a super fancy blade and all the light weight bitys)
and buying from different companies
(a budget epee from company "A" costing X compared to a budget epee from company "B" costing X+20)


-17th May 2003, 00:34
I know this is a cop-out answer but
- it depends on who the companies are, your skill level an the depth of your wallet.

It can be quite hard to compare weapons - because many blades are "own branded" by the distributor - but sometimes it is easy. For example I have seen the same BF maraging foil blade on sale in the UK from one supplier at a price of 51 and on sale at another supplier at almost 70. Same blade but radically different prices. Most of the time though its not that easy.

The budget Epee at A may be 20 cheeper than the budget epee from B because it is a lower quality weapon or because company A has a lower cost base and passes these lower costs onto you the consumer by offering the same quality of weapon but at a lower price.

You should also consider the possibility that a budget range weapon from one supplier is actually similar in quality to a medium price weapon from another more expensive supplier. One should also consider personal taste - do you like your blade flexible or stiff as the blades from competing suppliers may differ significantly in these respects. For example some people say that AllStar blade tend towards the spaghetti end of flexibility whilst BF blades tend towards the stiffer end of the spectrum.

You may need to do more research in order to find out which scenario your particular budget epee fits into.

-17th May 2003, 01:18
If possible, have a look at the weapons (sale or return, trade stalls at competitions, etc). See what feels right for you. It is possible to get all the bits (blade (wired), guard, pad, socket, handle, nut) separately but then you have to assemble it. And may have to pay P & P. Good epees cost. If you want something cheap and cheerful, don't expect it to last forever.