View Full Version : Tears in Lame

-17th May 2003, 10:33
After a rather brutal match recently, my sabre lame suffered a tear in the forearm. Now, I've had this lame a good few years and its done me well and will require replacing in the near future, however for the moment I have sewn the hole up and the area continues to conduct.

The question I wish to ask, is what is the legality of my lame? Is it acceptable to use in competitions, or will it need to be demoted to the ranks of my training jackets? Is there any way to "rescue" the jacket if it is not legal for use in competitions?

For reference, its a PBT Inox sabre lame.

Many Thanks

Kian Ryan

-17th May 2003, 12:12
I belive it's legal if as long as it still conduct's. I've seen and fenced people who have patches on the lame's and have not seen any problems they just test the patch before the bought.