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Barry Paul
-11th August 2004, 14:41
New Products for the Olympics.

Protective clothing using d3o A new wonder material?
For some years we have been looking for an impact absorbing material which was flexible in normal use but protective under impact loading such as being hit with the point or side of a fencing sword. Initial testing confirmed immediately that d3o can supply the solution for protection in masks bibs, gloves, and body protection for individuals and coaches teaching clothing.

Leon Paul were so convinced about using d3o that some new equipment was made for appraisal by our top fencers at a pre-Olympic training camp. Richard Kruse our Olympic Foil fencer was so impressed he will be using at the Olympics a new improved protective plastron with d3o protection for the shoulders/back and a mask with extra d3o protection in the bib.

The 4 times Olympic Champion and 7 times World Champion Stanislav Pozdnyakov will also be trying out a plastron with added d3o protection in Athens.

Sabre Blade.

Pozdnyakov-Pro® Ultra Black Sabre blade (Reference 25POZ)

This blade is the result of a year of development and testing by Pozdnyakov. It is lightweight, perfectly balanced, durable and beautifully finished in a highly polished jet black.
"In order to perform the fastest attacks your blade must be perfectly balanced. It must have the weight as close to the hand as possible to allow for accurate movement at the tip. The Pozdnyakov-Pro® is designed to give you the best balance while remaining stiff for increaced accuracy. " Stanislav Pozdnyakov.

Other new Leon Paul products in use at the Olympics.

Latest version of our G.T foil points.
New Foil and Sabre Guard with a conductive black coating.
New Sabre handle we are developing in conjunction with Pozdnyakov.
Improved inside guard socket for foil. and sabre.
Lightweight lames for foil and sabre.
Vision 2000 Sabre mask with Contour Fit System® and X-Change System ®
® are registered Trade Marks of Leon Paul

-11th August 2004, 17:15
No Athens clothing range tho this time i see!

-11th August 2004, 17:26
so when is the general public going to be able to see/purchase this new inovative D3o material??

Barry Paul
-11th August 2004, 17:45
Athens range I think has been done!!!!!!!!!!!! New kit using d3o hopefully in a couple of months. Barry

-11th August 2004, 17:54
Athens range doesn's appear on the shop.

Barry Paul
-11th August 2004, 17:56
your looking at the wrong shop. think german.

-11th August 2004, 18:53
Originally posted by Barry Paul
New kit using d3o hopefully in a couple of months. Barry

the day after i rekit myself at camden town you post this :tongue:

doesn't matter.... not like i get hit anyways :grin:

-11th August 2004, 20:15
Wats your aus ranking again:dizzy:
I notice barry wont mention "that" company's name!

-11th August 2004, 20:31
Originally posted by uk_45
Wats your aus ranking again:dizzy:
I notice barry wont mention "that" company's name!

highest cadet rank last year was 3... senior rank in the 20s

-11th August 2004, 21:56
Is this going to be kind of like wrapping yourself in a giant sorbathane insole? :grin:

Barry Paul
-12th August 2004, 10:03
You can see a picture of garment on this link http://www.leonpaul.com/images/magicgallery/IMG_2670.htm

Material is soft lightweight but under high strain rates becomes hard. Barry

-12th August 2004, 10:11
A bit like some people I know.

-15th August 2004, 12:12
In the second pic barry, who on earths breaches has kruse got on?? they look about 5 sizes too big

Barry Paul
-24th August 2004, 16:28
I have just returned from 4 days in Athens, I promised to report back on any new inventions/products which I could see;

No improvement to the two pin body wires as we had two changes of two pin body wire in the mens sabre final.

Some one pointed out the fencers that slipped the most during fencing seemed to be wearing the new Adidas shoes. Richard was going to wear them but disliked them so much that we were able to source some old style stock at the last minute from Allstar Scotland ( thanks Bob). Proper analysis of fencing final footage should confirm this.

As Bond-Williams was using a Leon Paul Vision 2000 X-Change Contour Fit see thru mask, I have been given the see thru Sabre masks given to every sabre contestant. These were brought by the F.I.E. as a job lot from an Italian firm Gajardoni.

The comparative product information.

Medium Mask Leon Paul. Italian.
Weight 1100 gms 1300 gms
Size of see thru window 88 mm x 210 mm 88 mm x 186 mm
Width of visor retaining edging/strip 18 mm 21 mm
Spare Visor Supplied Thin Scratch only Yes
Replaceable thin outside scratch visor Yes No
Time to replace visor 2.5 minutes 15 minutes
Number of fixing screws/nuts 10 Screws 14 nuts & washers
Exchange bib system Yes No.
Approximate Cost £210 £190