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-11th August 2004, 20:01

Something for the BBC to copy?

-11th August 2004, 20:34
yeah but we're only sending 2 fencers remeber! As opposed to the states 13!

-12th August 2004, 10:26
Although we only have two fencers competing I DO think that one of the problems with sport here in the UK is promotion. All sport [big sports aside] suffers from this. However in Fencing terms it would be nice to see similair levels of attention being given. Especially as they are medal hopefuls.

-12th August 2004, 11:04
look the same website has a page here (http://www.nbcolympics.com/countries/index.html) which allows Americans to find out where the other countries are. :)

-12th August 2004, 11:05
And it says nice things about us:

Great Britain has won more Olympic medals - 647.5 - than any nation except the United States and the Soviet Union. It is the only country to have competed in every Games of the Olympiad and Olympic Winter Games. :)

-12th August 2004, 14:48
How did we win 1/2 a medal??

-12th August 2004, 15:05
Originally posted by goodbadandme
How did we win 1/2 a medal??

interesting question.... pm inbox full mate

-12th August 2004, 15:54
Originally posted by goodbadandme
How did we win 1/2 a medal??

Apparently, in the early games, when the nationality of a competitor was not clear, the medal was shared. In the first games, for example, Britain won 1.5 gold medals.