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-13th August 2004, 08:12
Over on Fencing.net on this (http://www.fencing101.com/vb/showthread.php?t=12360) thread it has been noted that BBC online will be doing some online coverage. After a bit of looking I can't find a definitive answer to whether the Beeb will show any Fencing - even in the form of a webcast. If anyone knows differently please let me know.

Additionally, the guys across the pond will be barred [apparently] from viewing any content posted on BBC's site. If anyone wants to volunteer to get the streams [if any] for these guys that would be great. Unfortunately I will be working when the Fencing is on and the boss takes a dim view of people watching the TV when we could be doing 'work'.

-13th August 2004, 13:40
Mine does too... but there on holiday.... :)

-14th August 2004, 18:06
I cannot find any fencing listing at all, online, on digital or on normal t.v. I am gonna attempt to attach a handy guide which lists all the bbcs broadcasting of the olympics.

-14th August 2004, 18:08
Don't think that worked so try this link http://news.bbc.co.uk/sol/shared/spl/hi/olympics/04/pdf/olympic_tv_schedule.pdf

-14th August 2004, 18:11
Perhaps of no use in this link, but I think there is fencing tonight at 11:15 on British Eurosport.

-14th August 2004, 18:12
No fencing on that schedule....

-14th August 2004, 18:42
Yeah, i couldnt find any either. Bit of a joke showing nothing at all aint it?

-14th August 2004, 21:07
Have just checked again and there is fencing at 23:15 tonight on British Eurosport.

-16th August 2004, 07:12
If you do a search on the radiotimes website it shows fencing will appear on British Eurosport, at least four times this week!

So far there has been more fencing on ITV! Which had a small exert yesterday showing some hugarian racing driver training with the British Pentathletes... I got the impression he needed a few more lessons though! :)

-19th August 2004, 09:37
Apparently its on Woman's hour this morning... Radio 4...

-19th August 2004, 10:53
I know this is a bit late now for much of the fencing, but the French fencing forum escrime-info provides a touche by touche coverage of French interest bouts. Postings by someone called 'Julian' are the ones to seek out. He appears to be constantly editing one posting when a bout is taking place. It's very effective and extremely exciting. France just beat USA in the men's sabre semi. The suspense at the end with scores on 44-44, and Touya with an injured hand, was fantastic.

Final between France and Italy, I'm sure, will be covered in the same way.

-19th August 2004, 11:09
There's a guy on Fencing net who does the same thing. He may even be the same person!