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-16th August 2004, 10:08
Why mus the sabreurs must wear masks, which are in the middle of the front part invisble? Epee fencer have not to wear this, so, why must sabreurs wear them.
And why have the sabreurs wireless scoring machines? Epee fencer havenīt that too? I guess, sabreurs can be with wireless scoring machines suppler. Am I right?

-16th August 2004, 10:15
There have been a number of discussion about wireless fencing. The main reason that only the sabreurs use it is that it has not been possible to devise a working system for foil or epee.

-17th August 2004, 11:46
And why do they have such invisilbe masks?

-17th August 2004, 12:34
The clear visors are optional, and you can use them for foil and epee as well. The FIE encourages their use in the belief it improves the spectator appeal of the sport, but no longer requires it (fencers got very annoyed when they tried to make them compulsory).
The sabreurs have added incentive to use them since it effectively reduces their target area, that's why you saw them there. I've known a few epeeists and foilists who like them, but most seem to just see it as asking for a hit between the eyes.