View Full Version : message for Louise

-16th August 2004, 12:57
Sorry if this is not the place but I just wanted to try to get a message to my cousin Louise BW.

Just wanted to say that we are all rooting for you. We tried to spot you on Friday night but they only showed Tim Henman (stand next to someone famous next time!!!).

Little Alex can't wait to meet you (he has tried to cross his fingers but it doesn't work!!) and we all look forward to seeing you in September.

Ps. You won't believe how proud of you we all are

lots of love


-16th August 2004, 16:44
I would also like to say GOOD LUCK!!!!

don't let Jo-Jo cry too much!

Have a fantastic day!!!!

I know we'll all be thing of you!


-16th August 2004, 16:48
yep great lucky and ENJOY!