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-17th August 2004, 12:57
It seems to be going well at the moment. Christoph Marek (AUT) is out but the other big names seems to be going on...


(2)Marcel Fischer (Swi) beat
(33)Ahmed Nabil (Egy) (15,10)

(16)Ivan Kovacs (Hun) beat
(17)Cody Mattern (USA) (15,6)

(9)Silvio Fernandez (Ven) beat
(24)Yongjun Xie (Chn) (15,13)

(7)Gang Zhao (Chn) beat
(26)Yasser Mahmoud (Egy) (15,9)

(6)Eric Boisse (Fra) beat
(37)Siriroj Rathprasert (Tha) (15,9)

(21)Andres Carillo Ayala (Cub) beat
(11)Hugues Obry (Fra) (15,10)

(14)Sang Yup Lee (Kor) beat
(19)Maksym Khvorost (Ukr) (15,11)

(4)Fabrice Jeannet (Fra) beat
(30)Serguey Kotchetkov (Rus) (15,11)

(29)Dmitriy Karuchenko (Ukr) beat
(3)Christoph Marik (Aut) (15,7)

(20)Daniel Strigel (Ger) beat
(13)Geza Imre (Hun) (15,13)

(12)Sven Schmid (Ger) beat
(22)Joerg Fiedler (Ger) (15,12)

(27)Lei Wang (Chn) beat
(5)Gabor Boczko (Hun) (15,10)

(25)Igor Tourchine (Rus) beat
(8)Weston Kelsey (USA) (15,11)

(10)Pavel Kolobkov (Rus) beat
(23)Seamus Robinson (Aus) (15,5)

(15)Soren Thompson (USA) beat
(18)Paris A. Inostroza (Chi) (13,12)

(1)Alfredo Rota (Ita) beat
(34)Alexandru Nyisztor (Rom) (15,8)


(6)Eric Boisse (Fra) beat
(21)Andres Carillo Ayala (Cub) (15,11)

(2)Marcel Fischer (Swi) beat
(16)Ivan Kovacs (Hun) (15,7)

(20)Daniel Strigel (Ger) beat
(29)Dmitriy Karuchenko (Ukr) (15,12)

(10)Pavel Kolobkov (Rus) beat
(25)Igor Tourchine (Rus) (15,10)

-17th August 2004, 14:21
Semi final line up:-

Fischer v Boisse

Lei Wang v Kolobkov

-17th August 2004, 17:49
Final is:

Fischer (SWI) v Wang (CHN)!

Fischer (SWI) beat Boisse (FRA) 15-9
Wang (CHN) beat KOLOBKOV (RUS) 15-10!

In the third place play-off:

Kolobkov decimated Boisse 15-8. Was 11-4, not even close!

Its live on the italian tv webstream!

-17th August 2004, 19:08
I have to say I am quite suprised at the result. I may not know a lot about Senior international Epee but I would have thought that Kolobkov and Boisse, both World Champions, would have won the gold and silver.... Obviously I was wrong but all credit to Fischer and Wang.....

Wonder how the Team event will turn out.... any guesses..?

I say France 1
Russia 2
Germany 3

But I am probably wrong....

-17th August 2004, 19:14
Men's individual epee - Final ranking - 17.08.04

1. Marcel Fischer (Swi)
2. Lei Wang (Chn)
3. Pavel Kolobkov (Rus)
4. Eric Boisse (Fra)
5. Fabrice Jeannet (Fra)
6. Silvio Fernandez (Ven)
7. Soren Thompson (USA)
8. Daniel Strigel (Ger)
9. Alfredo Rota (Ita)
10. Gang Zhao (Chn)
11. Sven Schmid (Ger)
12. Sang Yup Lee (Kor)
13. Ivan Kovacs (Hun)
14. Andres Carillo Ayala (Cub)
15. Igor Tourchine (Rus)
16. Dmitriy Karuchenko (Ukr)
17. Christoph Marik (Aut)
18. Gabor Boczko (Hun)
19. Weston Kelsey (USA)
20. Hugues Obry (Fra)
21. Geza Imre (Hun)
22. Cody Mattern (USA)
23. Paris A. Inostroza (Chi)
24. Maksym Khvorost (Ukr)
25. Joerg Fiedler (Ger)
26. Seamus Robinson (Aus)
27. Yongjun Xie (Chn)
28. Yasser Mahmoud (Egy)
29. Serguey Kotchetkov (Rus)
30. Ahmed Nabil (Egy)
31. Alexandru Nyisztor (Rom)
32. Siriroj Rathprasert (Tha)
33. Mohanad Saif El Din Sabry (Egy)
34. Bogdan Nikishin (Ukr)
35. Georges Ambalof (Gre)
36. Aissam Rami (Mor)
37. Abderrahmane Daidj (Alg)

Well it was a surprise that Wang beat Kolobkov, but Boisse hasn't been world champion and he did rather well to get to 4th. Surprising also that Rota went out in the 16. However, Fischer did come 3rd or 4th last time in Sydney (and is world number 3) so he's pretty good.

Wang had a fantastic day, and the final though pretty one sided on score was brill.

I reckon
1. Russia
2. China
3. Hungary.

With maybe France in there too. Don't think the German's are strong enough. Probably wrong as well!

-17th August 2004, 19:47
Fischer dominated Wang throughout...Kolobkov looked tired and Boisse was totally outclassed by the other three.

-17th August 2004, 20:05
I watched Boisse's bouts on France 2 and it was very tuoching, seeing as Boisse's father is the commentator, and he was watching his son defeated twice in the semi finals and for the Bronze.

Marky Irish
-17th August 2004, 23:12
didn't Dudley put Fischer out at the London A Grade a couple of years ago?

-18th August 2004, 08:11
Quite possibly. But then Fischer doesn't always win... :)