View Full Version : So, I've turned into Total_Beating...

-17th August 2004, 20:47
Yup. I've managed to fall into the 'beating' trap.

I now beat the opponent's blade every time it comes near me, with predictable results.

Are there any very good training methods anyone knows of to get rid of the beating urge/lust/addiction?:upset:

Thanks in advance,


-17th August 2004, 21:40
just practise ignoring peoples attacks. Essentially train just doing counter-time and counter-attacks. Some attacks, step back and extend you arm -> your hit. See this sport is easy really!

well maybe

-17th August 2004, 22:09
I wouldn't go as far as 'just practise ignoring peoples attacks' but just don't beat them, well not every time.

You have outlined you problem, and you accept that it is a problem, so it's up to you to beat the addiction... I can recomend BA - I've never been, but some very good friends of mine have, you get a mentor to talk to every time you feel that you need a beat, and hopefully they can talk you out of that beat before you have done it. They give you a 7 point plan to get you over the addiction, and your mentor is allways available to you when you hit the hard times (and you will) but the most important thing to remember is 'just one point at a time'.


-17th August 2004, 22:14
My old coach had the concept of he 'Danger Zone' i.e. how far forward your oppopents blade could come before it was a threat - i.e. learn to distinguish between those attacks and preparations that you jave to do something abut and those you can ignore.

As always in epee, if at first you don't sucseed, try something else.