View Full Version : Aggregating the Olympic Footage

-17th August 2004, 23:13
As we've discovered the Italian streams and have an app that allows us to capture them I was wondering if anyone else is up for sharing out downloads so that we can put together a decent packafe for all Fencers. I'm hoping that we can put together enough footage to basically capture all of the finals at the least. Feel free to contact me of list what you here.

I've also put a similair request up on Fencing.net.

-18th August 2004, 08:57
I have an FTP site we can use

-18th August 2004, 10:25
I'm going to try and get my program to work, and if so then I'm up for aggregation. (now that does sound a little weird!

-19th August 2004, 09:34
Not sure I can assit in this however I would be happy to receive such info on a CD... If you get it done :)