View Full Version : Injured Sabeur fences on at 44 all against USA to win semi-final

Barry Paul
-19th August 2004, 16:11
This must have been exciting taken from BBC news web site.
Damien Touya booked France's place in the final of the men's team sabre - despite suffering a cut on his right hand in a tense match against the USA.
Touya was cut by Keeth Smart when the pair lunged simultaneously with the scores level at 44-44.

But after taking a 10-minute time-out, the Frenchman battled beyond the pain barrier and secured a famous victory.

France will now face Italy, who beat defending champions Russia 45-42 in another tense thriller, in the final.

There was some concern that Touya would not be able to continue when Smart's blade pierced the webbing of his glove right through his palm.

"It showed great courage for Damien to make that last play as he was in terrible pain," said French coach Christian Peeters.

"In the end it is the fencer who has the last word and he wanted to carry on. He was formidable."

Touya's place in the final later on Thursday will depend on how his hand responds to medical treatment.


-19th August 2004, 16:37
But was it a Leon Paul glove?

I remember this happening to my club mate at the Corble this year - could it be a new common injury?

-19th August 2004, 21:03
There was a posting about this on the US board along with an URL to a picture of it (may surely be lots of other pics as well).

Pic of Damien Touya after having been stabbed by Keeth Smart (MTS) (http://sports.yahoo.com/oly/fencing/photo?slug=olyfen10308191133.greece_olympics_fenci ng_olyfen103&prov=ap).

-19th August 2004, 21:38
Stupid eurosport cancelled their coverage in favour of a truly awful basketball group match between greece and lithuania.
Then they showed about 4 hits total an hour later in their olympic report thing. Only consolation was that it wasn't Chambers commentating.

Tarantino was well guilty of breaking his time by wiithdrawing the hand for the winning hit. Not that I could do better, but it was bad.