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-20th August 2004, 07:33
some one has written into metro asking why they haven't seen anything of the fencing being covered by the bbc

considering the amount of emails Metro get every day it shows some one has seen fit to recognise that fencing is a cool sport to watch and printed it.

Now would be a perfect time for people to write in asking about fencing being shown..might make the bbc take notice..and certainly can't hurt but it will certainly draw attention to the fact that people do actually like the sport.


-20th August 2004, 08:36

And this is the place to do it:


You can also moan at Eurosport for their appalling commentary and scheduling.

-20th August 2004, 08:46
where do we go to moan at eurosport?

-20th August 2004, 09:22
Last post in that thread.

-20th August 2004, 09:52
well and truly moaned at...
should we set up a poll to see just how many people have complained to eurosport and the bbc? then we might have some evidence its been done and not just disregarded