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-23rd August 2004, 11:21
The first sign of German consternation are visible:

http://www.fechten.de/deu/modules.php?name=sbnews&file=article&sid=2057 (http://)

Please don't ask me for an English link - I doubt there is one, however there is an English automat translator to the whole site, which can produce very funny results:
Tauberbischofsheim is the house of the deaf Bishop - in case you didn't know...


Nothing is mentioned in direct, only as side notes:
"The men's foil team trauma", "I thought the gods were against us" etc.
"An attempt will be made to mend the hole so to speak at Leipzig 2005".
A comparison to the Atlanta games (one sole Bronze).

-23rd August 2004, 11:24
Somthing went wrong with your link. Try this (http://www.fechten.de/deu/modules.php?name=sbnews&file=article&sid=2057) instead.

-24th August 2004, 06:00
A more foil orientated link:

Click here (http://www.fechten.de/deu/modules.php?name=sbnews&file=article&sid=2055)