View Full Version : Rambeau Grip

-20th May 2003, 12:28
Has anyone ever used Rambeau Grip? Is it a sort of modified Russian?
First hand experience appreciated, theoretical knowledge welcomed as well.

-21st May 2003, 18:07
I used one for a while. It's smaller and slimmer than the Russian, and has a continuous radius along the lower part of the grip where the fingers rest (wheras the Russian has a sharp angle at the juncture between the lower body of the grip and front neck).
The chief fault most people find is that the upper spire curves very sharply inward over the base knuckle of the thumb, and really tends to dig into the skin there, causing blisters. You can find a picture of it in the .pdf catalog at American Fencers' Supply (http://www.amfence.com).


-29th May 2003, 21:54
I had one for about two days. I got it because as Dave said, the lower part of the grip curves, and isn't angular, like the Russians. I have an ancient Zivkovic grip that curves like that, and was looking for an equivalent.

But the curve on the upward bit is way too much for me. Didn't fence long enough to get blisters, as the hand felt too cramped to last that long.

So, in short, based on practical experience: Yuck.