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-24th August 2004, 07:24
This may be a stupid question to those who know about these things but can anyone tell me why, on the British Fencing Association site, there is a page telling us how Richard Kruse did but no mention of Louise Bond-Williams. Four explanations cross my mind:-
a - I simply haven't found the right page
b - women don't matter
c - sabreurs don't matter
d - a last 16 result doesn't matter.

Knowledgable replies gratefully received!!!

-24th August 2004, 15:14
I think you missed the fifth option of they haven't got round to doing it yet.

-24th August 2004, 15:39
I am trying to do one for lp but hard to find the tme.

-24th August 2004, 15:56
Olympic update including Louise.


Boo Boo
-24th August 2004, 17:22
Must admit, it doesn't look good does it?

The last updates, to the BFA website, were done on 18th August (women's sabre individual was on 17th August)...


-26th August 2004, 16:05
Dear All,I have sent Kim at BFA a report for BFA web page as I did for Richard. I have been busy out here with BOA and London 2012 amongst others.etc and also not had easy access to email etc. Her result was good clearly and I told her so in Athens so please do not suggest we do not value her results. She knows we do not!! Keith

-26th August 2004, 16:58
Originally posted by Keith.A.Smith
so please do not suggest we do not value her results. She knows we do not!! Keith

There you have it folks! ;-)

-27th August 2004, 07:21
ooops Keith. I don't think you meant that...

There is a lack of coverage of international results in general in the Sword and on the BFA website. Usually the major championships are covered, but through the year there is little or nothing about World Cups unless someone gets a L8 (about 2-3 times per season)

-27th August 2004, 17:20
Originally posted by tigger
ooops Keith. I don't think you meant that...


-27th August 2004, 17:59
Well I for one would lack to give her my congrats on a amazing performance

-29th August 2004, 15:10
Dear All,

Apologies for typo and Athens heat getting to me.

We have made presentations to Louise and will be doing so to her caoches at the AGM. We value her very highly and her career internationally and domestically has been exceptional.

I have in the past highlighted top 8s in international competition and sometimes top 16s where appropriate. I do rely on people telling me the results. I have chosen to highlight what I conider to be really good results.


Boo Boo
-31st August 2004, 10:58
Nice few words on BFA website - http://www.britishfencing.com/lbondwilliams.html