View Full Version : LPJS Sherwood Foil 2005

Foilling Around
-26th August 2004, 22:06
Entry Forms Now printed.

Will be available at Leicester, Durham and Cambridge or PM me with your address and I will send one.

Foilling Around
-11th September 2004, 22:49
The entry form is now accessible from the BFA website and from the link below.


Foilling Around
-23rd October 2004, 13:16
I have had two people say that they are having a problem with the link above. It is a .pdf document, so you need Acrobat to open it. I have no problem with Acrobat 6.0 so if your version is a previous one, then try updating at the Acrobat website.

Further troubles, PM me and I will email or snail mail a copy.

Paul Sibert

-23rd October 2004, 16:14
Just downloaded this easily with Acrobat, thanks for the link.

Foilling Around
-28th January 2005, 21:04
I've had a great response from those attending to referee, but it is always the more the merrier.

I can offer a friendly atmosphere, no parents and coaches getting under your feet on the piste, our unending gratitute. an a token of our appreciation.

I have 90 entries so far and anticipate the total to be about 120 in the end.

Any juniors who wish to do their LPJS refereeing exam can do it at this event.

Foilling Around
-13th February 2005, 21:25
Thanx to all of the fencers, parents, helpers and referees who contributed to a most successful and enjoyable day. Hopefully the link below will lead to the results.