View Full Version : Godollo cadet sabre, 23-24 October

Neil Brown
-8th September 2004, 11:13
A draft of the invitation including the selection list can now be found on the cadet information page at www.fencingcoach.net

Final version will be posted as soon as I have the flight details confirmed.

Contact me if you have any questions.

Glue Boy
-9th September 2004, 16:25
is that selection correct cause some of the top 25 are not in the list and sme who are as low as 43rd in the rankings are included. :confused:

Neil Brown
-9th September 2004, 19:46
Read the rules on the cadet info page at www.fencingcoach.net . The selection takes the top 25 from the general cadet ranking after Hamlet & from the initial selection ranking.

Who from the top 25 is missing?

Neil Brown
-10th September 2004, 23:33
I now have flight details for Godollo. Have a look at the invitation on the cadet info page on www.fencingcoach.net if you are a cadet.

Replies must be back to me by Tuesday.

Neil Brown
-12th October 2004, 12:35
Final details including the team selections can now be seen on the cadet information page at www.fencingcoach.net

Glue Boy
-12th October 2004, 13:01
thanks Neil

but the website isn't workin for me at the mo

Glue Boy
-12th October 2004, 13:01
thanks Neil

but the website isn't workin for me at the mo

Glue Boy
-12th October 2004, 13:02
thanks Neil

but the website isn't workin for me at the mo

Glue Boy
-14th October 2004, 21:05
sorry about that treble post :dizzy:

-25th October 2004, 11:39
Results? Gossip? Scandal?


-26th October 2004, 09:45
All I know is Anthony Crutchett and Alex O Connell both reached L8. Dominic Kerr and Alex Crutchett L64. Lots out in the pools and 128. Big entry over 150 apparently.

In the womens' Katie Hendra and Robynne Stenner L64s, everyone else out in pools/128s

The gossip....? That'll cost money..

Peter C
-26th October 2004, 19:08
Men's results:

Anthony Crutchett 5th
Alex O'Connell 8th
Henry Gann 41st
Alex Crutchett 59th
Dominic Kerr 61st

No other Britons reached last 64.

There were 159 entries from 12 countries including Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, USA and Germany.

A Romanian won, Ukrainians were second and third, Hungarians 3rd and 6th and a Russian 7th.

-26th October 2004, 21:05
Please note there were 3 girls in the last 64 not 2

Robynne Stenner
Harriet Stilley
Katie Hendra

-28th October 2004, 07:46
Sorry about that Harriet! i was relying on 3rd party phone calls from the venue for my info...well done.

-29th October 2004, 08:20
Results are up on the cadet ranking lists. Still no results from Leicester though, I'm still after the NIF from that.

Glue Boy
-29th October 2004, 12:52
nif for leicester was about 65 i think

Glue Boy
-30th October 2004, 21:50
fencing on the new timings with PbT boxes was different again! It was much more similar to the old timings, but u could still tell that they were new. :confused:

-1st November 2004, 11:23
i agree, the pbt boxes were a bit like the old boxes, but you could tell they were the new timing. cant complain, nice big competition as usual with a lot of decent sabeurs.