View Full Version : My new fencers! Woohoo!

-9th September 2004, 08:43

First ever lesson with my new year 7s last night! They're great. Thre's seven (I'm hoping for an eighth as I don't like having to swap people in and out of partner work)

They were keen and on the most part attentive. I managed to complete my whole lesson plan, and have already laid out next week's.

Some of then even thanked me for the lesson (awww!)

Although my favourite was one little boy who wanted to know how good you had to get before you could use 'real' swords. I explained that what he was holding was a real sword, and he said "No, a sharp pointy one" I had to get out a copy of the sword to prove that even at top-level fencing nobody uses 'sharp pointy ones' :grin:

-9th September 2004, 08:53
lambs to the slaughter :tongue:
well done lass - keep up the good work!:grin:

-9th September 2004, 14:26
We had six new fencers turn up on Monday at Kings Norton - AND four of them were girls!


-9th September 2004, 15:22
Our latest beginners' course started on Tuesday, I'm not sure of the total number but I'd guess about 16.

Not one leftie though, and about a third ladies!:grin:

-14th September 2004, 09:44
We've got one new lefty (not a yr 7... yr 9 I think)... she was a little confused by the coach's and my delight at her being a lefty. Woohoo! Lefty! (We defininately need a team with a lefty in it by next year!)

-14th September 2004, 17:44
Two more newbies again last night!

-16th September 2004, 08:09
Up to ten last night! That's the maximum the kit will cater for.

I wasn't the most useful (or cheerful) coach though; I've twisted my knee and couldn't do demonstrations particularly well :(

Mostly I got the ones who came last week to 'teach' the ones who were new this week, then I went around and changed bits that were wrong (and awarded stickers to those whp had taught things like stance and moving 'best')

-16th September 2004, 22:21
I tried to PM you but your message box is full.

I remember that you had mentioned in the past that your club is not exactly rolling in cash, so I wondered if you have thought about the Local Network Fund. (http://www.cypu.gov.uk/corporate/lnf/index.cfm) I went to a meeting a few days ago about applying for this fund and it seems that, at least in Manchester, they are desperate to find people to give the money to.

-17th September 2004, 12:31
Last year I had loads of 15-16 year old beginners, so had to get more big jackets. This year I've got loads of tiny 11 year old girls. Now you can put a boy in a big jacket as long as the neck doesn't gape, but you can't with girls as the boob protectors end up in the wrong place. So another order has just gone to LP. Sigh.:(

-21st September 2004, 09:45
Now you can put a boy in a big jacket as long as the neck doesn't gape, but you can't with girls as the boob protectors end up in the wrong place.

Hoo boy! Been there!

September-December for me means wearing inadequet, ill-fitting kit every lesson as all my nice stuff has been spread out among the fencers. Grr. Takes 20 mins to start a lesson sometimes getting through all the 'I can't find one that fits' malarky!

-21st September 2004, 10:24
Mantis. I've had a look at the information on that site, but it's for disadvantaged children, and I don't think we can really claim they're at a disadvantage because they can't fence because there isn't enough kit (and those who can fence, can't enter comps because there isn't any leccy kit) :)

Realistically we could try and say we're one of the poorest areas of the country (we are), but with two out of the three schools we currently take in being grammar schools, that might seem a little implausible.

Also, even though we let in people from other schools, we're still a statutory organisation, and they'd probably claim we could get money from our school (ha!).

-21st September 2004, 10:33
this may be the unscrupulous businessman in me...
but you could do what a lot of grant seekers do...


but your nose will grow and your tongue will turn black and fall off...:tongue:

-21st September 2004, 18:21
Try keeping a list of which kit fits which new bug. (assuming all the kit is numbered).

-22nd September 2004, 16:25
Could do, but unfortunately not all the kit fits everyone and there's always a few in oversized jackets, gloves, and chestguards. (Rarely undersized... except the for taller boys).

I usually just look at the people who arrive first and say "You're a 38" and hand them a 38, and then do my best with the stragglers.

We had more people than kit today, so the one who came along last had to watch (I didn't even have kit today... though I wasn't fencing anyway because I gave blood last night).

Might have to start a waiting list.

-22nd September 2004, 21:23
Unfortunatley the Treasure took the kit away over the summer in case any of it needed a wash :confused:

And hasn't had the chance to return it yet. And then we got 24 (count 'em) juniors.....(Fortunately we still had some sets on hand)

-24th September 2004, 11:42
I was planning to wash all the kit over the summer... but didn't. And it really DOES need a wash! :dizzy:

-24th September 2004, 11:47
When i was a chef i used to take the club kit to the hotel i worked/lived and made full use of the industrial laundry... i quit catering about 18 months ago - don't think the club kit has been washed since...
and we've been busy!