View Full Version : Where can I get cheap but serviceable kit for my club?

-21st May 2003, 15:36
Title says most of it really.
At the moment I am particularly interested in steam foil blades as we have a large intake of absolute beginners at the start of each year, and the steam foils have a steady attrition due to developing, um, "interesting" bends.


Damn tight budgets.

-21st May 2003, 15:40
I would suggest contact all UK sellers and ask for quotes and discounts depending on the size of the order. There is usually a club discount which can go up depending on the size of the order.

-21st May 2003, 16:02
If it is steam foils you are after bear in mind that the BFA reccomends that all beginners now start with a size 3 steam foil blade as they are easier to controll, less painfull to be hit with and lighter.

Also some blades are more durable and long lasting than others so the cheapest quote will not neccesarily offer best value for money over a period of years.

-21st May 2003, 16:37
Size 3 foils for beginners. Excellent, give them those, I'll keep my size 5 and I might just be able to beat them for once, rather than giving them an exciting win to tell all their friends about. I just can't hit properly with a foil!

It makes sense to have a smaller lighter weapon. Build up the arm muscles gradually so only the legs are screaming after the first session.

What non- maraging foils keep a sensible shape for longest. All the foils I have encountered, both steam and electric have taken on interesting, if sculptural shapes rather too quickly for my tastes.

-21st May 2003, 21:07
Like the Camden pipe cleaner that I could bend through 90 deg. and it didn't bend back.

-21st May 2003, 22:57
The what foils keep shape for longest is also part of it.

Don'cha just love it when someone suggests they can bend it back and you point out that it bends down, then up, then left, and ask what magic they have that 10 minutes of your best couldn't achieve?

Budgets suck.

-22nd May 2003, 21:13
Maybe its just luck, but the majority of our club Etoile blades have held up rather nicely against the beginners we've let loose on em.

-23rd May 2003, 08:10
My club recently bought some beginner jackets (ambidextrous back-zip), masks and french grip steam foils from our local supplier goFence.com.

We too were on a very tight budget so we had a good look around to get the best prices before we bought. That bit of reseach worked well for us because we paid less than expected and so far all the items we bought have proved OK.

-23rd May 2003, 08:27
Bydande you may want to look at this thread before you start recomending stuff from your "local supplier g*Fence.com."


-23rd May 2003, 08:45
Hold on Kingkenny - won't bydande get a substantial staff discount? Makes it even better value kit if you ask me...

Barry Paul
-23rd May 2003, 09:06
I found some cheap kit just outside my own office, remarkable quality and otainable at an unbeleivable price. Barry Paul M.D. Leon paul equipment.

-23rd May 2003, 09:44
Tut, tut.:dont:

More covert operations from Gofence's "dirty tricks" department.

-23rd May 2003, 09:55
1. My post above is 100% factually correct.

My club and members of my club have purchased jackets, masks and weapons from goFence.com - and so far they are all happy with what they bought. Neither the club nor any members of the club received any "staff discount" - but did have it delivered to the club free of charge because goFence.com really is local to the club.

2. gofence/bydande
I will post my answer this question in the thread referred to by KinKenny:
as soon as I have finished typing this message.

-23rd May 2003, 10:17

We're waiting.

-23rd May 2003, 10:26
relax, its a long posting - everything comes to those who wait

-23rd May 2003, 10:33
Falling off my chair in antici...

-23rd May 2003, 10:36
Good I have lunch soon and I was planning to get my hair cut!

Shall I get grade 6 all over or something like becks?

-23rd May 2003, 10:38
Looks like you'll have plenty of time to kill so why not go for the Beckham-like braids

NLSC Sabreur
-23rd May 2003, 10:40
You could look for a club that's folded or about to fold and pick up their kit. Some schools that used to fence probably have a cupboard full of old kit.

Any club going out of business will stop paying the BFA so the BFA might be able to help.

New kit will be much nicer but old boxes and spools should be ok.

Perhaps you could ask local fencers if they have old kit they could donate. I gave a local club my old jacket when I got an 800N.

New members are much more likely to keep coming if you have them wearing nice stuff so buy new when you can.

Possible tip for the day - If you are not already doing so get everyone to pay by direct debit. If you don't see the money leave your hand then its easier to part with it. And many people forget to cancel direct debits. One club that I am member of still has a person paying monthly direct debits nearly two years after they were last at the club and we don't know where they are (not sure if we would tell them if we could).

-23rd May 2003, 10:52
Yup - agree there, but BFA have been known to "consolidate". I have heard of a family (5 or 6) who had their membership spread throughout the year, and when they went to DD, BFA kindly set all the payments to bang out in the same month.


-23rd May 2003, 10:58
response now posted - do I win a prize for the longest posting?
or is my prize that I just get a good kicking at the next Open?