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-21st May 2003, 19:20
Not quite weapon control but following on from something raised in another thread,

Originally posted by stevejackson
Under rule M32 (2000 rule book) there is a specific requirement that "The electrical resistance between the crocodile clip and any point on the mask must be less than 5 ohms". If the visor doesn't conduct then the mask fails,

When you say the crocodile clip is it the end that is attached to the mask or the end that clips to the jacket? As the diffret clips will have a diffrent resistance that could take it over the 5 ohm limit.


Plus when testing a lame is there any rule governing reistance and were you test on the jacket etc?

-21st May 2003, 20:24
Hudson, I've given you a hint, all these are set out in the rule book page 76 et seq. (Headed Book 3 Material rules). I've posted a reply to your question about Sabre masks in the sabre breaking news thread. you connect a resistance meter (digital volt meter on the lowest resistance setting) to mask with a croc clip as specified for Foil bodywires (rule m29) and the resitance must not exceed 5 Ohms to any other point (excluding residual resistance of test lead. probe, and clip). there's a specified resitance for the mask to lame wire (1 ohm if my memory serves don't quote me I've not checked this )

Same trick applies to lame jackets see M28. maximum resitance measured under specified conditions of 5 ohms between any 2 points. check collar, under swordarm then each pannel at random.

More fun could be caused by checking that lames cover valid target in particular the rule about the reaching the top of the hip bones when standing upright, in the on guard position and in the lunge.

Let me loose with the rule book in weapon control and I can shorten any competition. Favourites would be size of Lame, bend in the blade, Resistance in the body wire (this effects the length of time your point has to be in contact to register a valid hit. All sorts of good stuff. And I haven't started nitpicking yet.

-21st May 2003, 20:28
Cheers Steve, I'm going to have fun at the next comp i'm armouer at i think. just let me lose with a ruler and fluke.

-22nd May 2003, 21:30
Welcome to the club. Only problem is they won't let me compete and armour - otherwise first place is in my grasp.

-22nd May 2003, 21:31
He He that's just what i had in mind.