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-16th September 2004, 15:14
Ok this is one for you to chhose if you wish to attend. There is tacid agreement to hold a BAF course in Bangor N.I in February. It will be for a weekend . Level 1 / 2. This is where the demand comes in . Depending on the majority of those hoping to attend the weapon has yet to be decided. The cost for the weekend will be 25. There will be cheap accomodation in Bangor and we'll arrange something re travel to the location. The date may well be around the 26th /27th of Feb as this seems to clash least with comps.

-16th September 2004, 16:38
I'd love to go. But if it goes ahead on that weekend Irish Intervarsities will on at the same time in University College Dublin. :(

Seeing as I'm doing a bit of coaching in UCD this year. (Starting tonight wahoo!) I'm not sure how they'd take to me missing their most important competition of the year ;)

-16th September 2004, 22:04
Hard to get a date to suit. Although the 19th may in fact be the best. The wekend before is the East of Ireland and Merseyside and as you the intervarsitiies the last weekend. Looks like the 19th weekend it may well be.

-21st September 2004, 10:39
I'm quite interested, but my local airpot only goes to Dublin (and Shannon, but I believe that's further away). What are the transport links like to Bangor? (By means other than car)

-21st September 2004, 15:53
HI Aoiffe,
Try www.whichbudget.com for Belfast. Dublin to Bangor would be around 120miles. The train from Dublin airport would cost about 50 return to Bangor. Changing in Belfast central.

-22nd September 2004, 16:32
Any other Airport would mean travelling to London anyway (same train price open return!) My local airport (for local people) only has a few destinations (and until last week no security scans!)