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Barry Paul
-25th September 2004, 13:41
The following personal remarks are about foil regarding the development of foil under the new timings. (taken from another posting by me on the site.)

Because fencers were finding that fast whipped hits were not reregistering many fencers were trying to overcome this by hitting even harder, which I think the fencers will grow out of as they realize it does not work and slows up the movement.

I was concerned to see the violence of some of the hits. One of the foil fencers Dominic Chang had a bruised chest that looked as if he had been in street fight! It is time for the referees to start penalizing brutal actions or the use of unreasonable force.

Some fencers had decided that wearing a male chest protector means that more fast hits to the body donít register so sales of these items at the Bristol competition shot up and you can expect a large increase in use for these items. Considering the hard hitting using them is justified on these grounds alone. Fencers must balance the not registering of hits on the hard surface against the less likelihood of the failed whipped cut over hits as outlined above.

Modern Foil fencing has mainly consisted of attack riposte and counter attack. The new timings should incur much more blade contact and what in the old days was called conversation with the blade. Second intentions and counter attacks will make a come back. Due to the shortened blockage time classical parries with the hand away from the body and the point in line to ensure the riposte is in time. Fencers will also take more parries in opposition so the attackers fast remise prevented/blocked.

During this period of uncertainty and before the foilist find ways to get round the timing changes the referees should take back control of foil fencing. Attacks should be clearly threatening the valid target with the point not some vague movement forward with absence of blade.

I might even take up foil fencing again. Barry Paul

-27th September 2004, 13:50

It's clearly time for another come-back!!!

3 Card Trick
-27th September 2004, 13:56
O.K. JohnL can I fix a time and date for the match between you and Barry?;)

-27th September 2004, 14:36
Have the ambulance on stand-by.

-27th September 2004, 19:07
now, now, have some respect for your elderly elders. At least we know that Barry is an MD...

that said, i can't agree with Barry...

the foil referees shall stop being the chick#@$t and take back the control of foil fencing, just like sabre refs never did.

Barry, where can one file one's reactions to the sabre timing to the FIE: to the President of the FIE? Is there an email address? May i suggest that you make that suggestion to the FIE if there isn't one?