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-27th September 2004, 15:24
Has anybody else had this problem - you open up a session, do something in with PM's and hen found the view new posts has reset itself, thereby forcing you to go through each forum - normally the new messages search persistsfor a while.

-27th September 2004, 15:25
it comes and goes...
never related it to using the PM facilites before though.

-27th September 2004, 15:36
logout and it will just show you the most recent that day. As you are on most of the time it will probably be enough for you.

-27th September 2004, 15:38
had the same problem allways thought it was triggered by having to do things in other applications (ie actually do some work)in and around reading forum!

-27th September 2004, 20:49
Originally posted by Rdb811
Has anybody else had this problem [snip]
Yep, I recognise that too.

-27th September 2004, 23:43
Well I've just opened up Firefox, went to "view new posts", then opened a site on top of the page, page jammed so shutdown Firefox; then re-opened the "view new pages" and got the full list.

-28th September 2004, 14:25
If you spend more than 15 minutes in one place you will get logged out automaticaly then when you 'move' again it will be a new session