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-28th September 2004, 18:30
Why is fencers who are students at college not recognised as fencing students cause we aint at Uni? Things like student comps - entries through universities, the title on the front page of this thread - University fencing Student types post here, etc. Not very fair folks, give us college bums a break!!! Lol.

And hey, here is an idea, student discount on fencing kit? How bout it Leon Paul? No? Ah well, worth a try :tongue:

-29th September 2004, 09:17
ask BUSA! (British Unis Sports Assoc. - www.busa.org.uk)

Anyway, if you're in fraserburgh, are most of teh colleges in north section not affiliated to UHI? If so you might be able to wangle entry to some events...

-29th September 2004, 10:17
Yup, I'm in Fraserburgh (know the area?), The college here is the only one in the area really, Aberdeen is the closest. So whats UHI?

-29th September 2004, 11:35
UHI- University of Highlands and Islands

Sort of a catch all of all the colleges in Moray, Inverness, and further up (Orkney, Shetland)

Have a word with Myopic - he's in charge of Scottish student fencing- should know if you can enter Uni comps as UHI student.

Got somebody who's an Abertay student who fences with us in Dundee entered for the student comp whenever it is.

-29th September 2004, 12:19
Originally posted by bucket
UHI- University of Highlands and Islands

I thought it was a typo as H is close to N and it was meant to be UNI - I make myself laugh sometimes...


-30th September 2004, 09:43
Originally posted by Andy
I thought it was a typo as H is close to N and it was meant to be UNI -

Nope for a change- no typos.

Getting good at this "spelling" thing.

got that thing that makes words come out funny - which is a pain to spell. you'd think they'd come up with a easier word.


-30th September 2004, 11:44
I have PM'd Nessyfencer about this already.

Just to clarify for any other college students out there, the SASF constituion allows for full or part time students from all Scottish institutions of higher and further education to compete in its events, not just universities. Nor do you have to be Scottish by birth.

Anyone in the same position as nessyfencer who wishes to get involved in SASF events should PM me or go to the SASF website at www.studentfencing.com.