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Barry Paul
-1st October 2004, 07:44
New Foil Committee Handbook
This is packed with information, geared towards young fencers and their parents but hopefully useful to anyone.
Distribution started at the Durham LP foil so feedback welcome.
Free to BF members (one copy) but a donation of a few pounds is requested (or thousands if you prefer - I am ever hopeful!). They will be available at the GBR Juniors + Cambridge LP foil or send me an sae with 33p stamp + your BF number.
10 to non-members.

Chapter headings
1 Introduction
2 What does British Fencing do?
3 Fencing- a great sport for children?
4 How to start fencing
5 The wider world
6 Organisation of competitions
7 Competition rules (includes guide to behaviour!!)
8 National ranking lists
9 Drug free sport
10 Grants and sponsorship
11 Volunteering
12 Tips for parents
13 How to improve your fencing
App 1 Glossary
App 2 Useful contacts

Next step - the CD - colour and all!

-2nd October 2004, 13:00
I picked one of these up at Durham, and I can highly recommend it.

It's worth the 3 quid just to read the "fact and fallacy" section on competitions, it's so funny that I actually wept with laughter!

It also has useful reference stuff, all probably available on the web, but in a format that you can stuff in the side pocket of a fencing bag.

Might I suggest that a much shorter (8 page ?) version be produced as a "guide to first competitions" and distributed as cheaply as possible around the clubs?

The participation of young fencers in competitions seems to depend on which club they attend - some clubs don't seem to encourage their youngsters to compete, and something like this might tip a few waverers over the edge!

-4th October 2004, 23:50
Likely to have adapted and extended this to cover all three weapons in the not too distant future. Talking more about extending it to cover epee this coming weekend, so watch this space....but don't hold yer breath!!:grin: