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-25th May 2003, 00:26
OK I got to ask, what does the envelop with the dot in the middle icon mean? When ever I post the thread I've posted to gets that icon. See what I mean?:confused:

-25th May 2003, 03:22
Ok, now if we just take a minute to think about this situation, lets take a little trip through the technical jungle that is this forum. You say you see the dot appear after you have made a post to a thread, so armed with this knowledge what can we deduce.... That you have posted in the thread that you see the dot for :)

Also you will see the thread in your control panel under subscibed threads, now isn't that clever :grin:

-25th May 2003, 08:11
Hey, thats clever, so every one sees the dot as well but only where they posted.


-26th May 2003, 14:06
Oh the warm fuzzy feeling of helping a n00b :grin: