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-18th October 2004, 21:28
An appeal to all U20/U17/U15 Epeeists!

I have recently taken over the U20 & U17 women's epee rankings, and I am missing information about a number of Cadet & Junior women.

If you are an U20 Epeeist, you should ensure that Rodney Francis (U20/U17 men's rankings co-ordinator) and I (U20 men's epee captain & U20/U17 women's ranking co-ordinator) have your details, i.e. name, date of birth, club, home telephone number and address, and most important, a working and reliable e-mail address.

You should also check the rankings carefully for any mistakes when they are published; these are easily corrected at the time, preferably not two months later! We hope to update rankings as soon as possible after each nominated competition.

If you are not receiving information on a fairly regular basis from the weapons' captains, Nick Chapman, Sue Benney and myself, your details are probably not correct or up-to-date with us.

You can contact me at kate.1@virgin.net.

-18th October 2004, 21:33
kate, could you PM me the luxembourg flight details?