View Full Version : English Grip?

-15th April 2003, 13:14
Is the Crosse Plastic grip as sold by Leon Paul the same as the English Grip as described by other suppliers?
Also I've seen Belgian grip and Euro grip mentioned somewhere. Does anyone have a link to a description of each type and it's benefits?


Barry Paul
-15th April 2003, 13:52
We have made our crosse grip ref 150 in plastic for 30 years, If others are selling English crosse grip I presume they are ours or copies of ours. The grip ref 82 is our aluminium version of the 150. I will pass on your request regarding handles to ourwebsite manager and see if we can get some more information and pictures of all the handles. Barry

-15th April 2003, 14:42
The handles all look very similar the only way to tell is by feel.
Lots of companies buy pistle grips from china and easten europe but the specifications sometimes change as with all things.