View Full Version : LP Epee Coach's Sleeve

-26th May 2003, 15:29
I've been asked by my coach to enquire as why the seam of this item runs up the arm in exactly the place where one would ask a pupil to try and hit.

3 Card Trick
-26th May 2003, 17:39
Not on mine it doesn't.

-26th May 2003, 17:42
you might be best off directing this question directly to the dealer who it ws bought from.

-26th May 2003, 18:24
Well its a LP one, so I presume LP would be the dealer :grin:

-26th May 2003, 19:35
simple then. Ask Barry.

Barry Paul
-27th May 2003, 18:09
Don't ask me I only make the stuff?
or Try and pinch Three Card Tricks Sleve?
or Please ring customer service who will look into it. (better)

Seriously, Nobody has brought this question up before. Can you tell me where the seam is on your sleve and where you think it should be? Then I can see if we need to make changes, by all means ring to discuss (o2o73888132), we are happy to get feedback and try and improve our fencing equipment. Barry Paul