View Full Version : Foil 'debounce timings'

-29th October 2004, 16:44
For those interested the FIE SEMI have just expressly forbidden the wearing of guards and those plastic thingy's between the lame and the jacket. Hard luck folks you'll just have to get hit!!!

-29th October 2004, 16:47
but you can still wear it under your jacket right?

-29th October 2004, 18:04
Yes, just not directly under the lame.

-29th October 2004, 18:15
should just ban them outright..

Boo Boo
-29th October 2004, 21:31
And get sued by the next bloke who suffers a broken rib (or worse...)... because they "would" have worn a chest protector had they not been banned by the FIE...

-30th October 2004, 03:03
the legal problem is rather less than people make out....

violenti non fit injuria...