View Full Version : Novices Competition

-1st November 2004, 15:30
Some of the older members of our club have mentioned that there used to be a Novice competition held a Warwick Uni.
Does this still take place, if so where can one find details of it.


Dave Hillier
-1st November 2004, 15:32
yes it does, email warwick uni fencing club and ask them about it.

I am about to pm you their email address

-1st November 2004, 18:31
if your after a novices comp our club is about to hold the 2nd phoenix foil beginners comp on sunday. Closing date has passed but i'm sure if you want a go we'll let you in. I appreciate its a bit on the far side from yourself but heres the details anyway. www.phoenixfencing.com

Shaolin Monkey
-2nd November 2004, 11:06
Warwick is on the 20th of november this year, a lot of people from newcastle uni are going.

Shaolin Monkey
-2nd November 2004, 11:07
There is also quite a big competition for novice teams at reading around april or so.