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-15th April 2003, 13:24
Here's a Leon Paul-specific question.
The LP website recommends using a Lame of the same size as the fencing jacket. I have a LP jacket and lame and they fit perfectly.
Does the same apply for Plastrons? Will I be able to breath if I wear a 40 plastron under a 40 jacket under a 40 lame? Right now the jacket and lame are a comfortable fit.


P.S. Congrats on the Forum. Hope more people use it soon.

-15th April 2003, 13:42
Hi the plastrons are not as well fitted as the jackets they come in small medium large and X - large so I think it says on the website you would take a large. (dont quote me on that)

-16th April 2003, 14:59
Plastron Mens or Womens 350 newtons
(Reference 53)
Sizing is approximately as follows: Small is up to chest size 35", Medium is 36"-40", Large is 42"-46" and Extra large is above 46". The plastron should be worn loose as it is non stretch but the jacket over the top will keep it close to your body.

Cut and pasted from the site.