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-28th May 2003, 14:59
1000 character limit? Are you kidding? I know I can be verbose, but I just recently wanted to send a fairly brief PM (someone had asked for my evaluation of a couple of pieces of strip equipment... and unlike me I didn't even go on and on about all the various options). Short and sweet, it was still 2000 characters. 1600 after I removed their quoted message. And yet I needed to plit it into two messages. And to make it worse I needed to wait a minute before I could send the second half.

Why is there such an issue with PM length that we need a limit this low? Raise it to 10000 and people will never see the limit but it'll still catch whatever abusively long messages you're afraid of.

-B :)

p.s. I notice that for message board posts the limit IS 10000. PMs should be the same. This message is 930 characters long. And it's SHORT. Image not being able to PM longer than this. Oh wait, you really can't.

-28th May 2003, 15:05
I dont really like pms I think they should be short and sweet and if you need to say more then put it on the forum or e-mail it.
I am trying to get the forum to have longer messages with more info and less small talk so I thought if people wanted small talk pm and if they wanted a proper answer then post it on the forum.

Sorry if you hate this but maybe when we get more long answers I will change it.

-29th May 2003, 00:41
You could remove the 'number of posts' liistings or calibrate it by length of unquoted text.

-29th May 2003, 16:15
The shortness and pointlessness of the forums posts is much more due to people enjoying having 600+ posts than anything to do with PMs. PMs are not going to replace the forum boards, they're for completely different uses. I was asked a brief question, gave an admitedly uncharacteristicly brief response and still ran into trouble. Barry PM'd me a short note at about the same time and similarly had to split his message into two parts. 1000 characters is WAY too short.

PMs are interchangeable with email, I agree. I disagree that posting longer messages on the forum is equivalent. A) most PMs are likely to be either private or of no interest to the rest of the board or both (hence why they are PM in the first place) B) Posting to the forum does NOT guarantee that the intended recipient will see it. PMing alerts them the next time they visit.

I prefer PMing to emailing. If I were sending a message to someone on the board I would use the board to send the message. This is exactly what PMing is perfect for.

Given that PMs and the forum are not interchangeable, why should crippling PMs improve the board. I just feel like this was a poor decision made for good reasons that don't happen to apply.

-B :)
p.s. this message is 1318 characters long and would need to be split up to be PM'd.

-31st May 2003, 06:19
Originally posted by oiuyt
The shortness and pointlessness of the forums posts is much more due to people enjoying having 600+ posts

*Cough* There are only 2 people with 600+ posts so be nice when talking about us, its not our fault we have too much free time :grin:

Beisdes which we both have 800+ posts ;)

However I do have to agree that the PM limit is FAR too short, PMs still allow the annonymity that emails dont, its a nice system built into the forum that should be encouraged.

-31st May 2003, 09:13
i know we have alot of posts and alot are just rubbish burt i feel we have made some good points on other threads, well i know moose has don't know about mine.
like you said we just have to much free time, though why you do is still a mystry to me, i'm overseas with nothing to do but sunbath or sleep when i'm not in work.

-31st May 2003, 16:15
Mainly cos I just mess about on here for an hour or so before and after work, or if I wake up and have 4 hours before work I just sit on here and post :grin:

-31st May 2003, 16:20
at least i'm not the only on with no life out side work :grin:

-31st May 2003, 16:29
Yeah, but your in the RAF you're not allowed a life outside work, I on the other hand just work weird hours

-31st May 2003, 17:45
no your just weired:grin:

-31st May 2003, 17:49
<cries> You've spoiled my illusion of normallity :(

-31st May 2003, 17:54
i'm surprised you knew what it ment? :grin:

-31st May 2003, 17:58
Normality is in the eye of the beholder, and I'll poke out the eyes of anyone who disagrees with me :grin:

-31st May 2003, 17:59
depends if they have a mesh or vision 2000 mask on though

-31st May 2003, 18:02
Lol, take it off em first :grin:

-31st May 2003, 18:55
Boys, could that thre have been a demonstration of
The shortness and pointlessness of the forums posts ? :grin:

-2nd June 2003, 05:26
Sorry Mum :grin: