View Full Version : Inbox full notification.

-8th November 2004, 08:50
It would be nice to receive a notification that your PM inbox was full as soon as it got full, instead of when someone tries to PM you after it's full.

-8th November 2004, 13:42
...if you find a way of turning the option for receiving e-mail on in your profile you WILL get a notification... ;)

-8th November 2004, 13:44
Yep but only when your PM box is full AND some one PMs you

-8th November 2004, 13:51
Ooops, I clearly didn't read Vils post carefully enough... Sorry!

-8th November 2004, 16:16
Yeah, it just feels a bit annoying having to ask someone to resend a message because you didn't know that your inbox was already full.

What I'd like, in clearer terms (I hope) is: if my Inbox can hold N messages, to be emailed a notification when message N is received instead of when message N + 1 is received.

-8th November 2004, 18:22
or even when N-1 is recived

-8th November 2004, 22:11
Originally posted by uk_45
or even when N-1 is recived

No, you want the message when you have received N messages i.e. your message box has just become full.