View Full Version : LPJS or junior fencing pics needed URGENTLY!!

-10th November 2004, 15:32
Hi all we are compiling the LPJS booklet for next series and one of the things that went down well last year was the pictures.

It would be nice if we could change them for this year so does anyone have images that we can use?
It would be really good, we would be eternally grateful and youu/your kid will be famous!!

-10th November 2004, 17:40
I have a couple of pics from the Science museum and also a couple from the Yorkshire league but I haven't LPJS ones this year only old ones from last year and you used one of them already. but you can have what I've got if you want

Foilling Around
-10th November 2004, 18:14
Is this one any good?

I'll PM details if it is any use

-11th November 2004, 07:45
Have you got it in a bigger size?

-11th November 2004, 08:40
We have had a few sent to us but if anyone has any others that they could send to webmaster@fencingforum.com they would be greatly appreciated.


Foilling Around
-11th November 2004, 15:50
I'll email my piccy and see if it is any better that way.